BCRC Partner Organisations


Falls Community Council (BCRC Lead Agency)
Falls Community Council was established as an umbrella organisation in the mid 1970’s, with the overall aim of bringing community organisations together to share resources and advocate on community concerns. F.C.C. has maintained a pivotal role in developing the community infrastructure and harnessing community activity in West Belfast.  FCC’s development plan details an innovative programme that will strengthen the community infrastructure in the area and provide opportunities for people to gain the confidence, skills, knowledge and vision to fully participate in society.

Belfast Reconciliation Network (BRN)


EPIC (Ex Prisoners Interpretative Centre) has been operational since 1995, although its origins go back considerably longer.  Its primary objective is to address the problems surrounding the reintegration of politically motivated prisoners into the community and in particular those prisoners from an Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) or Red Hand Commando (RHC) background. EPIC have, through a wide range of activities made a significant contribution to peace building in Northern Ireland.

Intercomm was established as the result of growing community concerns about the lack of formal structures to deal with political and sectarian unrest in the North Belfast area. The organisation was founded in 1995 by community activists Liam Maskey and Billy Mitchell with the aim to forge fruitful links between Catholic/Nationalist and Protestant/Unionist community groups through long term strategic development work, community inspired peace building initiatives, youth programmes and job creation programmes.

Prisoners Aid Network Group (PANG)