A number of BCRC events and activities on a variety of themes are being planned for the coming months. For information on future events/activities, please visit our website regularly as well as follow our new Twitter page @bcrc_eu. You can also find some examples of recent events and activities below. 


BCRC Anti-Sectarianism Toolkit Training Programme

Over the past 12 months, BCRC has delivered its Anti-Sectarianism Toolkit training programme to some 150 individuals from across Belfast. and beyond. We would like to acknowledge the funding support received from OFMDFM which enabled us to offer this training free of charge to interested groups and individuals during July 2015-March 2016. The training consists of five modules which aim to unpack the concept of 'sectarianism' within the local context ,while also encouraging participants to draw international parallels, as well as encourage reflection on how we can begin to address sectarianism at an individual, community and societal level. Please note that we are now in a position to offer our Anti-Sectarianism Toolkit training at OCN NI Levels 1-3.

If you would like further information on the training, please have a look at our briefing document and feel free to contact us by email: Open call training will also be announced on occasion so please check our website regularly as well as twitter - @bcrc_eu.


Centenary Workshop: Republican Perspectives on the Somme

29th January 2016 at Intercomm

Contributors: Joe Austin | Deirdre Hargey | Sean Murray


Centenary Workshop: Loyalist Perspectives on the Easter Rising

2nd February 2016 at Intercomm

Contributors: Denis Cunningham | Noel Large | Bobby Rodgers


Centenary Workshop: Unpacking the Covenant & The Proclamation

4th March 2016 at NICVA

Contributors: Gerry McCrory | Philip Orr


Centenary Workshop: Éirí Amach na Casca –The Easter Rising

16th March 2016 at Wellington Park Hotel

Contributor: Tom Hartley


'Centenaries: Divisive or Healing? It's Our Responsibility'

25th June 2016 at Belfast Castle


Launch of BCRC 'Anti-Sectarianism Toolkit'

20th May 2015

BCRC officially launched its 'Anti-Sectarianism Toolkit & Training Programme' in Belfast City Hall on 20th May 2015. The event was introduced by Mayor Arder Carson and included a presentation of the BCRC Toolkit followed by a Q&A session. The event was attended by in excess of 70 people, of whom about 50% indicated an interest in availing of the training either individually or on behalf of a group/organisation/network.

In the process of developing the Toolkit, interview contributions were collected from a range of stakeholders, including representatives of statutory organisations, community activists and practitioners, political parties and academics. These contributions will be utilised as a tool during the training programme to encourage conversation and reflection on the issue of sectarianism within our society and how we can begin to address it.

During the pilot phase of delivering the training, the project received overwhelmingly positive and encouraging feedback regarding the need for this type of training as well as constructive criticism regarding contents, delivery format and logistics. BCRC is now planning to roll out the training to a broad audience citywide as well as beyond and expressions of interest are welcomed.

If you would like to received further information, please contact us:


Tendering & Procurement of Services training

23rd & 30th June 2014


Gender & Dealing with the Past: UN Resolution 1325  

25th June 2014




We Were There film screening & panel discussion

10th June 2014



International Perspectives on Peacebuilding & Conflict Transformation

11th December 2013