Community Safety Research - Invitation to Tender

30th August 2011

Community Safety Research

Invitation to tender for Belfast Conflict Resolution Consortium community safety research project.

1. Instructions for tendering

This brief invites researchers to tender for a contract to carry out a research project for Belfast Conflict Resolution Consortium on community safety policy development and connection to interface communities.

Contractors should submit their tenders by email or hard copy to the address below demonstrating how they would meet the requirements.
BCRC Community Safety Research Tender
c/o Falls Community Council
275 – 277 Falls Road
BT12 6FD

The submission deadline for this tender is Friday 9th September 2011 at 5.00pm.

Questions regarding particular aspects of the tender should be directed to:
Claire Hackett Email. Tel. 90202030 Mobile. 07734052717. Questions about access to BCRC documents on the website can also be directed to Jessica Blomkvist Email. Tel. 90202030 or 90352165

After the appointment of the successful contractor, the contract will start on 16th September. The contract duration will cover the delivery of the research including analysis and reports.

BCRC reserves the right to clarify with any or all contractors any aspects arising from this Invitation to Tender after the tender submissions have been received.

2. Project purpose

The purpose of this research is to examine the development of policy on community safety since the publication of the Patten report and make recommendations for strategies to enhance community involvement and connect with interface issues.


·         To analyse the development of community safety policy since Patten report.
·         To examine case studies of effective community responses to community safety.
·         To assess the potential of the proposed combined Policing and Community Safety Partnerships (PCSPs) structure.
·         To identify the main challenges for Belfast interface communities within the community safety policy framework.
·         To assess the barriers and opportunities for communities working at interfaces in Belfast within the current community safety frameworks.
·         To make recommendations for community organisations working in interface areas to enhance their effectiveness in current and future community safety frameworks.
·         To make recommendations for future community safety policy development.

3. Context

The Belfast Conflict Resolution Consortium was set up in April 2007 to create a citywide approach to resolving conflict at interfaces. It is grounded in the experience of grassroots republican and loyalist practitioners, who, for many years, have been working at the interfaces to prevent, control and manage violent outbreaks. BCRC aims to create networks to develop good practice and builds alliances around shared problems to develop a joint strategy to tackle social and economic issues for residents at interfaces.

With Falls Community Council as the lead partner BCRC has successfully applied for Peace 3 funding to deliver a peacebuilding programme until October 2011. The other partners are Epic, Charter and Intercomm. The partner organisations along with the constituent groups are represented in a steering group that provides strategic direction to BCRC.

In a series of well attended workshops organised by BCRC across Belfast in 2008, community safety and policing was identified as the major issue for interface communities. BCRC believes that interface tension and violence needs to be defined as a community safety problem and that policy should enable community empowerment structures and strategies. The BCRC report of the workshops is available on our website (Issues and Strategies for Conflict Transformation at Belfast’s Interfaces) as is the BCRC response to the Department of Justice consultation on the community safety strategy ‘Building Safer , Shared and Confident Communities’ (April 2011).

4. Methodology

The methodology for the research will include desk research, interviews and focus groups with key people from community, statutory and political spheres. Contractors are invited to propose other research methodologies that could contribute to the research project.

5. Timescale

The research is to be completed by 31st October 2011. Contractors are asked to submit a project schedule with key stages identified.

6. Budget

The budget for this research is £6000. A payment of £3000 will be paid at the first presentation of emerging findings and the remaining £3000 will be paid on completion and submission of the final report.

7. Project management

There will be a steering group for the project which will meet as required  with the appointed researcher to provide context, make suggestions for avenues of enquiry and give feedback on emerging findings.

Day to day management will be provided through BCRC staff and in particular Joe Marley (manager) Claire Hackett (development worker) and Jessica Blomkvist (administrator).

8. Tender response/submission

The tender document should contain the following information:

  • How the researcher would approach this job (all tasks including proposed timescale and methodology with justifications).
  • Project schedule with key stages identified.
  • Details on personnel working on the project with each team members experience on CV and the time they would assign to each element of the work including their daily rate.
  • Budget indicating the cost of each component of the project. Please state whether costs include VAT.
  • Examples of similar or previous work.
  • Submissions may propose any additional areas considered as important to the success of the project that we have not considered but in the researcher’s experience would enhance the final product.

9. How the tender will be evaluated

Each submission will be scored by a panel and awarded a mark based on the following criteria:


Contract price and value for money - Weighting 30%


Understanding of the requirements detailed in the specification. Proposed methodology and approach to data gathering. Previous relevant projects - Weighting 40%


Professional competence and expertise of personnel working on the research project and clarity of tender submission - Weighting 30%

BCRC is not bound to select the lowest scoring submission.

BCRC is not bound to select any submission.

10. Data and output ownership

Copyright for the research findings will rest with Belfast Conflict Resolution Consortium.