BCRC Staff Team


Name:   Joe Marley
Title:      Project Manager  
Email:    joe.marley@bcrc.eu

Joe has been employed with BCRC since its inception, initially as a Senior Development Officer and more recently he was appointed as Project Manager. Joe brought to the project his combined experience in both community development and conflict resolution work. Prior to taking up post with BCRC he was a Development Manager with a community development agency and before that he worked as an Interface worker in North Belfast.
Joe has been involved in many conflict resolution processes and initiatives which has included the issue of contentious parades. He sits as a board member on many community based organisations. He currently provides facilitative and professional support to emerging and low capacity groups in working class communities in Belfast.

Name:   Dr Jessica Blomkvist
Title:      Policy & Administration Officer
Email:    jessica.blomkvist@bcrc.eu

Parallel to administrating the BCRC project from its inception in April 2007, Jessica has also completed a PhD at Queen's University Belfast. The theme of her doctoral thesis is 'Transforming Conflict in Divided Societies: The Role of Faith-Based Actors in Northern Ireland'. Prior to taking up her post with BCRC she worked as Administrative Assistant with BCRC partner organisation Intercomm as well as completed a 5-month internship at INCORE, University of Ulster. Jessica also has a BA and MA with a focus on Peace & Conflict Studies from Uppsala University, Sweden.

Name:   George Courtney
Title:      Outreach Development Worker 
Email:    george.courtney@bcrc.eu

George joined the BCRC Team in February 2013. He has over 15 years experience in community development, housing and interface peacekeeping in North and West Belfast.  He has been actively involved in facilitating good relations, conflict transformation and social justice as well as involvement in a number of Community Groups and Residents’ Associations, including TASCIT, NBIN, Greater Shankill Community Safety Network, Shankill Housing Network and Shankill Regeneration Forum.
He is a member of the Management Committee of Lower Shankill Community Association and is also a Board Member of Harmony Homes, a local Social Housing Association.

Name:   Seamus Finucane
Title:      Outreach Development Worker 
Email:    seamus.finucane@bcrc.eu

Seamus has worked in the Community and Voluntary sector for a number of years. He has worked with various community organisations across the city of Belfast and has built up trust and confidence with groups and residents, particularly with those living in interface areas. Prior to joining BCRC, Seamus worked with the Upper Springfield Community Safety Forum as a Community Safety Coordinator. Before this he carried out similar work on a voluntary basis in the Upper Falls area. The nature of this work involves engagement with resident associations, community groups and all of the various statutory agencies but with policing and justice in particular.

Recently, Seamus has been working in partnership with other colleagues to develop a new structure to deal with issues affecting interface areas from Finaghy to North Lisburn.  This work includes capacity building, developing working relationships, building trust and confidence, networking with our statutory partners to address the many issues which confront residents and community groups on an ongoing basis. Seamus is also involved in the Black Mountain Shared Space Project (BMSSP) which is a cross community initiative in the Upper Springfield and Springmartin / Highfield area of West Belfast. BMSSP is now in the process of implementing the outworking of a “Peace Walls“ strategy which is designed to bring the two communities closer together.

Other work in which Seamus has been involved includes assisting the Upper Springfield Community Services who are engaged with a wide range of residents associations and community groups. Seamus is also an active member of his local G.A.A club and works with young people on a regular basis from the wider West Belfast community.

Name:   Mark Vinton
Title:     Outreach Development Worker  
Email:   mark.vinton@bcrc.eu

Mark has been with BCRC from its foundation in April 2007. Before joining the consortium as a Community Development Officer he was involved in voluntary interface work in the Springmartin area of West Belfast, where he was born and still lives, as well as some part time voluntary community work. Mark is chairperson of the S.M.A.R.T group (Springmartin Area Regeneration Team) and an executive member of the North and West Belfast Parades and Cultural Forum and also sits on the West Belfast talk’s team for the Parades Forum. In addition, Mark is a member of the Springfield Interface  Forum, Greater Shankill Community Safety Network,  West Belfast Urban renewal and North Belfast Interface Monitoring Group. He is also a member of the BCRC Key Area Contact network.