• <h3>Launch of BCRC Anti-Sectarianism Toolkit</h3> <p> 20th May 2015 at Belfast City Hall</p>

    Launch of BCRC Anti-Sectarianism Toolkit

    20th May 2015 at Belfast City Hall

  • <h3>\'Gender & Dealing with the Past: UN Resolution 1325\'</h3> <p>25th June 2014 at Grosvenor House</p>

    'Gender & Dealing with the Past: UN Resolution 1325'

    25th June 2014 at Grosvenor House

  • <h3>\'Gender & Dealing with the Past\'</h3> <p>25th June 2014</p>

    'Gender & Dealing with the Past'

    25th June 2014

  • <h3>‘We Were There\' film screening & panel discussion</h3> <p>10th June 2014 at the MAC</p>

    ‘We Were There' film screening & panel discussion

    10th June 2014 at the MAC

  • <h3>‘The Hungry Thirties’: Shared History Youth Event</h3> <p> (September 2013)</p>

    ‘The Hungry Thirties’: Shared History Youth Event

    (September 2013)

  • <h3>Sustainable Communities: Challenges & Opportunities</h3> <p> (June 2013)</p>

    Sustainable Communities: Challenges & Opportunities

    (June 2013)


A number of BCRC events and activities on a variety of themes are being planned for the coming months. Please check our website regularly for further information (read more)

Research and Policy

BCRC has commissioned several pieces of research as well as issued policy responses related to themes such as Regeneration and Building Sustainable Communities (read more)

Useful Links

BCRC works with a wide range of organisations and networks across the city of Belfast. You can find links to the websites of some of these organisations by clicking (here)

Mission Statement

BCRC is a citywide cross-community partnership working to empower interface communities to develop the tools and resources to manage and address conflict (read more)

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